EJ, as her friends call her, is the creator of Vegetarian Like Me, the vegetarian healthy lifestyle blog that has been designed to help vegetarians get the most out of their lifestyle by becoming healthier and more informed. She also enjoys cooking, and of course, eating great vegetarian food. To help vegetarians get comfortable with preparing healthy meals from their own kitchens, she decided to host and create Beyond the Garden. Beyond the Garden is an online vegetarian cooking experience that explores healthy but tasty vegetarian and vegan cuisines. <br /><br />EJ has been a progressive vegetarian since the age of 12 and she can definently identify with the struggles and obstacles that vegetarians encounter everyday. That is why it is her mission to educate and provide vegetarians and those interested in becoming vegetarians with the resources they need to live an optimal, happy, and healthy vegetarian lifestyle. <br /><br />Are you a Vegetarian Like Me? Or are you thinking about becoming a vegetarian? Maybe you just want to learn how to eat healthier and reduce your meat consumption. Well, come join EJ on her vegetarian journey and interact and engage with her on the Vegetarian Like Me Blog and make sure you tune in to Beyond the Garden to learn how to cook-up delicious vegetarian and vegan meals that will keep you and your family pleasantly satisfied and healthy. <br /><br />Twitter: <br />YouTube: <br />Facebook: