Why Vanonce: <br /><br />High qualified filmmakers <br />We work with a team of high qualified professional filmmakers in Europe making it easy to film a business with High Definition cameras. <br />Our filmmakers are experienced professionals, with backgrounds in television and film. <br />They have perfected the art of telling compelling business stories on the Web. <br /><br />Low prices, High Service and Value. <br /><br />Vanonce delivers more that just great videos, we deliver a video marketing solution for their business. <br /><br />When clients buy a video from Vanonce, they get a complete video marketing program included that drives new business, connects with customers and increases their company's visibility on the Web: <br />- Custom video that showcase the unique selling points and why their business stand out from the competition. <br />- Target Promotion; Vanonce distribute the video automatically to Google, YouTube and more <br />- Aggregated, cross website analytics <br />- Search Engine Optimization; Vanonce makes sure that the video is found by search engines by providing the videos the right Tags. <br />- Clients receive an embed code to paste the video in their website or to distribute to social networks like facebook <br /><br />Service is key <br />A video is taste dependend. 1000 people have 1000 ways of how the video should be. <br />Vanonce collaborate with the client till our clients are satisfied. <br /><br />Clients <br />From a hairdresser, to a restaurant, to a hospital, to a huge Mall, Vanonce has made videos for all-types of organizations.