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Imagine mounting a high definition camcorder to the handlebars of a motorcycle then riding across the second largest country in the world. With this point of view you will experience the sensation of riding through ten provinces of Canada, coast to coast, round trip, for a total of 18,795 kilometers. This trip may be over but the riding and filming continues....
In addition to the 31 World Heritage Sites, Canada also has an abundance of Provincial and National Parks. These landmarks, and countless roadside points of interest, are the destinations of Virtual Riding TV.

Our website is free of charge attracting an expanding audience of motorcycle, nature and travel enthusiasts. We supplement our server, equipment, and travel expenses through our sponsors and advertisements. If you enjoy the Virtual Riding Television experience and want to help us maintain our free service please visit our sponsors, send us a small donation, or even just tell a friend about us.

To capture the stunning landscape, we run three high definition video cameras. Our main camera is mounted to the handlebars of Jeff’s motorcycle, the second is used for hand-held shots and the third is mounted to his helmet. We have accumulated over 300 hours of high definition content that we use to produce videos on a regular basis with new footage captured through-out the riding season.

The traditional sense of the word, “television” is rapidly changing as more people are turning to the Internet to fulfill their media needs. With major television networks shifting their emphasis to Internet programming we see a rapidly growing potential in online multimedia. We provide free high definition content, on demand, 24 hours a day, to a world wide audience looking for a point-of-view experience of the majestic Canadian landscape.
Welcome to VRIDETV
Videos, pictures, maps and more details available on the website:
New content is added on a regular basis.


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Virtual Riding Television
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Virtual Riding Television
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