VNActivityProject stands for Visual Novel Activity Project. Basically this is a channel specifically oriented on distributing visual novel "walkthroughs". <br /><br />If you see a visual novel on my channel you'd like to try out yourself or are looking for a specific type of visual novel to try out please head to the VNDB (the Visual Novel database) to get a complete list with accurate filters regarding all the visual novels ever published (although it doesn't have any download links obviously).<br /><br />If you're looking to download a specific visual novel then VNDB offers you links to that visual novel's developers' website (most of the times) so you can download from there if possible. <br /><br />Note that some visual novels are not always free to download nor are they always translated in English (since most of them are made in Japan) so take these things into consideration before setting your mind to play one. It's not always THAT simple.