Minneapolis born D.I.Y. Filmmaker, Video artist, and VJ. <br /><br />BFA Degree- Film Production/Film Studies <br />The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema at Concordia University <br /><br />When VJing I use all different types of images. Cartoons, animations, grainy Super 8mm stuff from Home Movies, sharp looking digital graphics, clips from Feature length films, clips from my own videos, etc. <br /><br />The imagery I mix during a set depends on the style of music I'm accompanying, but usually I try to keep my visuals fun, scary, and 'trippy' ;) And occasionally I do 'themed sets' build around one visual concept. <br /><br />I am inspired by animation and textures, and obsessed with motion. In the age of high-resolution images, I embrace the imperfections and aesthetic of consumer video technology, as well as the spontaneity of creation for which the form lends itself. Constantly shooting and collecting images, I try to bring forth new material to each live performance. In the future I hope to release full-length video mixes and Music Video DVD's to accompany the music of the DJ’s and bands that I like. <br /><br />Since February of 2008 I've mixed at over 80 live shows and parties with many DJ's and bands from all over the world. <br /><br />Resident VJ at Circus Afterhours and Salon Pearl