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The 3 R’s have become the goal of new generations. It really makes good sense and much of the reasons in the office furniture industry will be detailed here. So let’s look at each of the 3'Rs and how they apply.REDUCTION: Is the apex of the hierarchy because there is NO environmental impact when something is not produced or consumed. Reducing your gas consumption by riding a bike to work is a good example of this. Also, installing used modular systems furniture to optimize the workspace for the most efficient use of space without redundant pieces is another.REUSE: Is at the next level, because even though the original manufacturer of the product has impacted the environment, reuse prevents a second impact. There is increasing pressure on manufacturing to make reusability part of product design. Some existing products already lend themselves to reuse. Systems furniture with an incredibly durable basic structure is a prime example. Intentionally product manufactures have delivered products tailor made for reuse.

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