Uriel Hernandez

Este es mi canal. Y como dice el nombre de mi canal, me gustan Depeche Mode y Miguel Bose.:) En este canal voy a subir comerciales, capitulo, etc, etc, lo que me venga en gana para compartir con ustedes. <br /><br />Disfruten mis videos. <br /><br />;) <br /><br />This is my channel. And as the name says my channel, I like Depeche Mode and Miguel Bose.:) In this channel I will trade up, chapter, etc, etc, which pleases me to share with you. <br /><br />Enjoy my videos. <br /><br />;) <br /><br />Ceci est ma voie. Et comme son nom l'indique ma chaîne, j'ai comme Depeche Mode et Miguel Bose.:) Dans cette chaîne, je Trade Up, chapitre, etc, etc, ce qui me plaît de partager avec vous. <br /><br />Enjoy my videos. <br /><br />;) <br /><br />Release Schedule: <br /><br />7/28 - Asobi no Ikuyo! OP <br /><br />8/4 - Strike Witches 2 OP/ED, EXIT TRANCE 10. Reborn! ED 16 "Canvas" by +Plus <br /><br />8/11 - Legend of Legendary ED, Asobi no Ikuyo! ED 1, 2 & 3 <br /><br />8/18 - Nurarihyon no Mago ED 1 "Sparky Start" <br /><br />8/25 - Reborn! CV "BLUE" ~rivale~ <br /><br />9/1 - Fairy Tail OP 4 <br /><br />9/15 - Katekyo Hitman Reborn! OST 4 <br /><br />11/3 - TWGOK OP "God Only Knows~Shuuseki Kairo no Yume Tabibito" <br /><br />11/10 TWGOK CV 1 Elsee, Index OP 2 "No Buts!". Soul Eater Repeat Show ED 1 "Oono Kaori" <br /><br />11/17 - TWGOK CV 2 Ayumi, Fairy Tail OP 5 "Egao no Mahou (Smile of Magic)" by MagicParty <br /><br />11/24 - TWGOK CV 3 - Mio, To Aru Majutsu no Index 2 ED "Magic World", Fairy Tail ED 5 "HOLY SHINE" by DaisyxDaisy <br /><br />12/8 - TWGOK ED "Koi Noshi Rushi" <br /><br />12/15 - TWGOK CV Kanon <br /><br />12/22 - TWGOK CV Shiori <br /><br />?? - Soul Eater Repeat Show OP 1 "Counter Identity" <br /><br />Anime OP/ED: <br />Nurarihyon no Mago OP 2/ED 2 - October 4th <br />Fairy Tail OP/ED 5 - October 4th, 2010 <br />Soul Eater Repeat Show OP 1/ED 1 - September 30th <br />Bakuman OP/ED - September 30th, 2010 <br />The World God Only Knows OP/ED 1 - October 6th, 2010 <br /><br />Proximamente Mexico Siglo XX y Mexico Nuevo Siglo