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Hey, it's Mecha. Remember me? Naw, you don't.

Welcome to my video dump, where you'll find old shit, new shit, funny shit, stupid shit. All of which are pretty shit, depending on who you are. :P

I still make videos, though occasionally now. I do have a very interesting life, and so I'm usually as far away from the computer as possible so I can live that interesting life. Though, sometimes I get bored, and so yeah.

Because I'm still a sucker for making videos, and it's still a fun hobby I like to do (but only when I MAKE it fun and not worry about anything, like I've done before,) I've decided NOT to retire from video editing (though I've gotten pretty close a couple of times.) Soon, I'll be putting up some vids I've made some time ago, as well as trying to make new vids, though try not to expect poops, and don't expect me to put vids up every week. They'll come when they'll come. And they'll probably come less frequently than you think, because of my interesting life.

But anyway, I'll mainly be away from the computer since I'm trying to... y'know, get away from the computer. I'll be around here when I can, though... Wub yoo! :)

...I guess Dailymotion is my new permanent stomping grounds now. I haven't signed on to YouTube in, like, forever, whereas I've been hanging around here and posting videos more often than I used to. Hmm.
Heh, I can already imagine the 'RIP' comments I may have received on my channel. I can't even look at my channel/video comments anymore because I'll end up missing YouTube and everyone who I became good friends with. Hell, just talking about it makes me kinda sad inside...

Um... *sniff*

...L-le-let's talk about something else, haha.


PS this is all YouTube material, I think you could get more attention if you reupload some of these there, especially the MLP ones. :o
May by Psuedo
Heyo, it's RobGBA here. Can't believe I only just noticed you uploading here. :o Love these new videos! ♥
May by Psuedo
So, I hope you enjoy my videos, and if you don't, well that's okay, too! I'll see ya when I see ya! I wub yoo!
~ Meckzees ♥
April by UnkArt1
Yeah, I made more vids in the past few weeks...
But, anyway, thanks for waiting, for those who have made their way over here.
Uhm, it took me a while to post anything new that I made because of my nature of being all spazzy and OCD-ey and worrying too much about what people think and if my video came out right and whatnot. Of course, with each new video, I'd get over it eventually. :D
April by UnkArt1

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