Unique Designer Jewellery

Be different and treat yourself to unique, original, hand-crafted statement jewellery. <br />Why wear what everyone else is wearing? The handmade luxurious necklaces, made from beads and vintage findings collected from all over the world are so much more distinctive than anything you can buy in the big national stores. The artisan and very contemporary pieces are made from semi-precious gemstones, turquoise, lapislazuli, jasper, onyx, agate and are complemented with silver, resin and vintage findings. This is your chance to own a one of a kind luxurious piece of jewellery that will get people talking at an affordable price. <br /><br />You obviously came to this site because you are looking for unique and hand-made designer jewellery. Like all of my other clients you are probably tired of the mass-produced dull and boring jewellery that now is everywhere in ever increasing quantities. Every piece you find on this site is a once-off statement necklace that has no twin, let alone millions of copies. <br /><br />Owing to the fact that I use a huge variety of materials, such as turquoise, agate, onyx, silver, resin, glass, often combined with vintage findings, my work has frequently been compared to that of a mixed media collage visual artist. I love my pieces of body art because they are incredibly visual, instantaneously dress up the simplest of clothes and because they often attract smiles and compliments from total strangers. Simply put, it is feel-good jellery. Other than making quite a visual statement, I receive a lot of feedback from women that they love the lush feeling of weight of gemstones around their neck. Moreover, many women feel centered and walk just that little bit taller, simply because the necklaces have a quite centric architecture. If you are looking for a gift for yourself – go indulge yourself – I hope you find “your” piece in my collection. If you like my style, but can’t find your very own necklace in the shop, I am happy to accept commissions.