UTV Team

UTV Networks is an indie production house based in Germany and the USA. <br /><br />We produce the following lifestyle & entertainment series.; <br />www.MusicWatch.eu <br />www.CartunesTV.com <br />www.LaMyWay.undergroundtv.de <br />www.TheXProfiles.com <br />www.StyleTVShow.com <br />www.GoodNewsCentral.info <br /><br />This page is a place where the cast of our wicked shows gets to muck around and do whatever they want to---Here they show some other sides of themselves and experiment with new ideas... all with the hopes to better entertain you. :) <br /><br />Underground Television Network is Kamary Phillips, Susanne Schröder, Lara Terstenjak, Florence Angel, Cosmo Jones, Amara Wilson, Jesse Lombard, Erin Bridges and Warner Brown. <br /><br />Feel free to comment on how weird we all are. <br />Cheers, <br />Webmasterdude