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In June 2006, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) uploaded on its website the first online Creative Gallery on Sustainability Communications. This is the result of a thorough selection, which started with the viewing of over 40,000 ads. The campaigns highlighted in this Gallery address sustainability issues through various themes, tone, media and strategies. Some reflect companies’ public commitment towards social and environmental issues. Others feature awareness campaigns from public authorities. <br />You can take a look at them on: http://www.unep.fr/sustain/advertising/ads.htm <br /><br />All campaigns are classified by themes – such as water, energy, social rights – by advertisers, by countries, etc. Through this online database, we notably aim to promote more and better communication on sustainability issues. Our objective is also to provide a quick and easy access to the Gallery for various audiences who wish to see how sustainability issues can be promoted in innovative, audacious, humorous and creative ways. <br /><br />Over 300.000 persons – including agencies, companies, governments, NGOs, academics and the public at large (especially young people) – have visited this Gallery since its creation. This encouraging figure confirms that this initiative is in line with people’s willingness to know more about sustainable development in general and sustainability communications in particular. The Gallery also appears as a new opportunity and an attractive tool for corporate and public advertisers to show their commitment towards sustainable development to the general public. <br />