Iain Culverhouse

About Me: <br />I have setup my channel to do some videos at the moment i'm quite new to it so i'm just doing what i can trying to do videos of songs i like and adding the lyrics to them...its not much but it keeps me busy. <br /><br />Hometown: <br />Bracknell <br />Country: <br /><br />Country: <br />United Kingdom <br /><br />Occupation: <br />Full Time Parent <br /><br />Hobbies: <br />Taking Care of my son, Music, Films, Gaming, Reading, Arsenal FC <br /><br />Films: <br />Friends, CSI, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Num3brs, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Mock Of The Week, Con Air, Lord Of The Rings, Matrix, Gremlins <br /><br />Music: <br />Loads Of Different music <br /><br />Books: <br />Lord Of The Ring