UK Multi Format Clan & Community

UKRockers are now known as <br /> <br />Founded by the creators UKRockers who were once a successful gaming clan & community when formed in 2013. UKRockers were regularly seen taking part in online gaming ladders and tournaments but decided to call it a day after 11 long years, we built such a great community and gaining many great friendships along the way. <br /> <br />Both myself and Daniel (@RockerJarvis) decided that playing competitive gaming just didn’t seem to rock our boats anymore and the amount of online gaming marches being cancelled and heavy server and website costs meant UKRockers couldn’t keep up with the ever-changing environment, as our members got older, people’s personal life’s took priority which lead to the downfall of UKRockers. <br /> <br />Matches were forced to cancel, members not turning up in time and to make matters worse we had an empty forum room, this all took its toll and lead to the doors closing for UKRockers, some great highlights included being part of Retrovision 5 were we hooked up consoles for the public to come along and play via LAN (Sega Dreamcast / Sony Playstation 2 / Microsoft Xbox), also being part of the very first GameCity in Nottingham, like Retrovision 5 we had consoles and games on display for all to play (Microsoft Xbox , Sega Dreamcast , Nintendo Gamecube , Sony Playstation 2 , Microsoft Xbox 360 , Sony PSP), UKRockers will live on in the hearts of the people who was part of the journey from the early days of Dreamcast and Xbox online gaming to the final days on PC and Xbox 360. <br /> <br />Over the years we found that people used UKRockers as somewhat of a stepping stone for them to further develop their gaming careers, this lead to a number of successful teams/clans and players being formed off the back of UKRockers, we are glad that we paved the way for those people and we wish you all the best of luck and hope if our paths meet again. <br /> <br />Visit for more info