E-médi@ Concept

E-Médi@ Concept powering Tziganistan:<br /><br />The dream of Tziganistan is to became an Label of Ethical Commerce by using rroma hand made traditions and theirs musical mastery for their ’s own economical autonomy inside E.U. Help to make recognise by the Governments of European Countries, theirs spontaneous recycling activities ( they recover the raw materials in the wastes from al over the continent) like ecologically and public useful. GIPSY'S CAMPS COULD BE RENTED BY THE STATES LIKE PLACES OF EXPERIMENT OF ALTERNATIVES ENERGY AND WAYS OF BUILDINGS GREEN HOMES. ( like Hans Wahler develops onhttp://kaliji.eu/ ) Technology can joint camps in an international network, preserving romanes ancient civilisation and develop the fixes basses of working openly for rroma and all others: travellers, bohemian, artists, activist,innovative people inside E.U<br /><br />Contact: yannick.pirod@gmail.com<br /><br />TZIGANISTAN. Nouvel objet : mettre en œuvre toutes les actions culturelles, artistiques et pédagogiques permettant de sauvegarder le patrimoine culturel tzigane qui est aussi une mémoire collective vivante du continent indo-européen et de la faire connaitre. Date de la déclaration : 21 juillet 2006.