Twystid J Da juggalo

This is Twystid J from TheJuggalettesRUs! This is my channel The Twystid J Show! I am making videos reviewing Movies, Video Games & CD's. I alsojust vlog and do music stuff.! <br /><br />I am a Juggalo who like video games. I play PS3 & PSP. All my friends call me Twyst, Twystis J , or Jayden. I am a Twystid Juggalo vamp and proud to be one. I have had the same job for over 8 yrs!. I have one brother. We don't get along too well. I don't usually dislike someone until they do me wrong. If you don't like me then leave me alone and leave my page. You either Love me or Hate me there is no in between! Thanks for viewing my channel! Check me out on Twitter