On this DVD you see Turborider on German highways and motorways with <br />topspeed of 368 km/h, extreme outruns and rides on the rear wheel with <br />over 250 km/h, pass rides in Italy with topspeed of 258 km/h, tunnel <br />rides with topspeed over 300 km/h (with oncoming traffic), Italy Brenner <br />motorway with extreme outrun maneuvers and topspeed over 300 km/h, <br />highway at night with over 300 km/h, and finally a race with GSXR 1000 <br />K4 Turbo and Hayabusa Turbo with topspeed over 350 km/h, Burnouts, <br />Wheelies, Stoppies, and a lot more…. | PAL, ca 85 min. <br />