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I currently sit on the Wellness Advisory Board of the 2012 USA Wrestling, Judo, and Weightlifting. I consult the athletes on Nutrition, Exercise, and Sports Performance.
I feel blessed that I’ve found this wonderful field of work. Not only do I have the opportunity to save lives everyday, but my children have the chance to live a full life with optimal health. From birth, my children have received chiropractic adjustments. Neither of them have received a medication in their life. Now that’s awesome! I invite you to check out the power of chiropractic and what it can do for your health.
I enjoy community service and am always doing something for my community. I conduct community talks on many different subjects, ranging from ADHD and Ear Infections to Osteoporosis and hold numerous fund raisers and food drives in and out of his office around the Shelby Township area, including Kids Day America. I maintain membership in several chiropractic associations including "Michigan Chiropractic Association" and "International Chiropractors Association". I am proud to say that I am a Maximized Living Doctor. Maximized Living doctors are dedicated to saving lives. Our mission is to maximize the lives of millions of people so that they can achieve their God-given potential through our health centers, chiropractic coaching, wellness programs and wellness products.
At home, my wife Amanda and I currently have two kids, our son Mason and our daughter Peyton. As mentioned previously, neither or our kids have received a drug or medication in their life. They are vibrant and happy kids and Amanda and I are proud to say that they’ll grow up without having to rely on medication to help them feel well.

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