Rod of Iorn Camp

Southern Kingdom (Judah) Jeremiah 14:2: <br />The bible says that Judah is black, unto the ground, and the ground is different shades of brown, which describes the Black, West Indian and Haitian Man. Furthermore, in the hebrew the word for Black is qadar,n which means dark-skinned <br />JUDAH- SO-CALLED AFRICAN AMERICANS <br />GEN 49:8-12 DEUT 33:7 <br />Yahawadah -- Judah = Yahawah Thanks <br /><br />BENJAMIN- SO-CALLED WEST INDIANS <br />GEN 49:27 DEUT 33:12 <br />Banyamyan -- Benjamin = Son Of The Right Hand <br /><br />LEVI- SO-CALLED HAITIANS <br />GEN 49:5-7 DEUT 33:8-11 <br /><br />Laway -- Levi= Attached(Joined To Me) <br /><br />Northern Kingdom (Ephraim) Hosea 7:8: Ephraim he hath mixed himself among the people, Ephraim is a cake not turned. <br />This is why so-called Latinos and Native Americans range in color from light to dark because if you bake a cake in the ancient world or even bake something on the stove now and don't flip it one side will be dark and the other light <br />SIMEON- SO-CALLED DOMINICANS <br />GENESIS 49:5-7 <br />Shamiwan -- Simeon = Affliction Heard <br />ZEBULON- GUATEMALA TO PANAMA <br />GEN 49:13 DEUT 33:18-19 <br />Zabalawan -- Zebulon = Dwelling <br />EPHRAIM- SO-CALLED PUERTO RICANS <br />GEN 49:22-26 DEUT 33:13-17 <br />Aparayam -- Ephraim = I Am Fruitful <br />MANNESSAH- SO-CALLED CUBANS <br />GEN 49:22-26 DEUT 33:13-17 <br />Manashah -- Manasseh = Made To Forget <br />GAD- SO-CALLED NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN <br />GEN 49:19 DEUT 33:20-21 <br />Gad -- Gad = Troop(Fortune) REUBEN- SO-CALLED SEMINOLE INDIANS <br />GEN 49:3-4 DEUT 33:6 <br />Rawaban -- Reuben = See Ye a Son <br />NAPHTALI- ARGENTINA TO CHILE <br />GEN 49:21 DEUT 33:23 <br />Napathalay - Naphtali = My Wrestling <br />ASHER- COLOMBIA TO URUGUAY <br />GEN 49:20 DEUT 33:24-25 <br />Ashar -- Asher = Happy <br />ISSACHAR- SO-CALLED MEXICANS <br />GEN 49:14-15 DEUT 33:18-19, 1 Chronicles 12:32 <br />Yasshakar -- Issachar = He Is Hired