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Trimukhi Platform arises from the desire to create in West Bengal, India, a kind of platform from where to act in three different directions: social work, artistic creations and theoretical research. The particularity of this desire is to make these three fields worked together –maintaining the active triangular links between them and constantly putting in question the meaning of each one of them.

A “platform” is a space from where to do, from where to act, from where to receive, from where to welcome. It is a device with no contain because above all it is a set-up to do things, like a space which gives possibilities of doing and a space which gives desire to do things, to catalyse desire, to excite desire, to make desire to grow. And the platform itself is in movement too, changing all the time.

In Bengali, "trimukhi" can be a triangle, a three sides figure, and also three faces, or three seed fruits growing.

SOCIAL WORK is not mainly focused as the human activity that consists in helping the “poor”, making him suffering little less so he would be available for the market use; it is focused as the activity that looks after the social links between different groups of people or different persons.

ART awakens desire to be more singular, more unique. In this sense, it should be focused as a basic right: a possibility that everybody should access to.

THEORETICAL RESEARCH requires also from a more open social spectrum of participation: when practices change and other words have to be produced to name and to understand those changes concretely, a diversity of points of view is required. It is about the capacity to build own and critical thinking in order to act more freely. This power should not be reserved to few.