STL CAMP.......Death and slavery to Esau and all the other nations. Long live the Kings of Israel. Why do the heathens rage. WE NEXT! <br /><br />For more videos go to KennyBB on dailymotion/ EdomiteChopShop on youtube <br /><br />About me: Son of Yahawah <br />12 Lost Tribes of Israel: <br /><br />JUDAH-so-called Negroes <br />BENJAMIN-so-called West Indians <br />LEVI-so-called Haitians <br />SIMEON-so-called Dominicans <br />ZEBULON-so-called Guatemala to Panama <br />EPHRAIM-so-called Puerto Ricans <br />MANASSEH-so-called Cubans <br />GAD-so-called North American Indians <br />REUBEN-so-called Seminole Indians <br />NAPTHALI-so-called Argentina/Chile <br />ASHER-so-called Columbia/Uruguay <br />ISSACHAR-so-called Mexicans <br /><br />ALSO ITALIANS, IRISH WHOSE ANCESTRY GOES BACK TO THE MOORS <br />Matthew 5:17-20 <br />Wisdom of Solomon 5:1-5 <br />Isaiah 62:1-4 <br />Wisdom of Solomon (Ap) 6:10-20 <br />------------------------------ <br />HEBREW NAMES AND PHRASES <br /><br />THE MOST HIGH GOD is = YAHAWAH <br /><br />THE MOST HIGH SON is = YAHAWASHI <br /><br />To thank God is = YAHAWAHDAH <br /><br />Ahch = Brother <br /><br />Kumbayah = "Come By Here" <br /><br />Halleluyah = "Praise Yah, you people" <br /><br />Shalom = Peace <br /><br />Shalom Aleichem = ''May you be well'' <br /><br />Alav Ha Shalom = Upon him is peace <br /><br />Mashayahch = Messiah <br /><br />Mashaya = Moses = Deliverer <br /><br />SHALAWAM To The Elders GMS, All The Camps & All The Brothers In The Truth