Welcome to Transalchemy, a blog by ParticleIon and ADDTV. We have created this blog in an effort to expand upon our videos, and to raise awareness on some very serious issues. Please be sure to stop by regularly to see our posts about Transhumanism, converging technology, Singularity, Artificial Intelligence, life extension, et al, as well as insight on the more esoteric side of these scientific endeavors. <br /><br />Public awareness on these issues is currently extremely lacking. However, we are seeing more and more press for the proponents of converging technology. You may have seen Ray Kurzweil on Glen Beck recently. As time goes on we are guaranteed to be hearing more and more about this, because like it or not converging technology continues to push forward at an ever growing speed. A buzz is being planned to make this all seem acceptable to you in the future. We are here now to warn you not to join in on this hive mind.