Hi, my name is Karen, I'm 20 years old and like many different things, one of my hobbbies is listen to trailer music, or production music and that's what this channel will deliver. I hope you enjoy some of my uploads and the great music you listen to, please note that I do not share this music or anything of what I upload, I do not claim any of this music & pictures to be mine, everything belongs to their rightful creators, I just upload for your viewing pleasures, thank you <br /><br />My favorite Trailer music company's <br /><br />1. X-Ray Dog <br />2. Audiomachine <br />3. Two Steps From Hell <br />4. Brand X Music <br />5. Immediate Music <br />6. Future World Music <br />7. Posthaste Music <br />8. Music Junkies <br />9. Q-Factory <br />10. Groove Addicts