Toussaint Lyondholi

Musician, Lyricist, Composer, Singer / Chanteur, Auteur, Compositeur, Interprète, Parolier <br /> <br />New record of my EP «Crois-moi» feat. Michelino Mavatiku Visi (guitarist and arranger) in the studio Castle-Life in Fribourg, Switzerland, now available in all digital stores. <br /> <br />«Music is my life, my life is music. <br />When I was a little boy, I started to sing and this passion will last forever. <br />I write lyrics, songs, melodies and arrangements for my own and other musicians.» <br /> <br />Toussaint Lyondholi was born in the Republic of Congo and since a few years he lives in Europe. He cooperates with musicians of different continents and adores the challenge to get to know new music genres. He's got the vision to connect Africa to the rest of the world - with his passionate voice, his well chosen words and his joyful melodies. <br /> <br />Read more about Toussaint Lyondholi: