I'm co-founder and president of Toonamation. We've developed tech to let you convert videos or photos to give them any of a number of high quality convincing, comic book/graphic novel, painterly, or graphic design looks. We're best known for our rototoon filter, which can covert video automatically to look like hand-crafted rotoscoped animation, but we have many others. We've developed a plugin called ToonIt, distributed by our partner Red Giant, to make our effects available for use with After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Avid video editors. We have a similar arrangement with Digital Anarchy, which distributes the ToonIt! plugin for photo editing with Photoshop or Aperture . We're also collaborating on some products for cellphone and mobile-based toon editing that should be out within a month, and we're always on the lookout for new partners to help us make our effects available for other cool applications, products, and services. <br /><br />Also my public face as president of and advocate for Toonamation (tech I had a large part in developing) isn't very different than my private face. I'm into art and math and computer graphics, where I like to code my own effects from scratch. I have a fairly large comic and graphic novel collection, and I'm into science fiction and horror, both as a reader and as a viewer of online and offline media. You can track some of what I'm into day to day by following me as Toonerstan on twitter. I chose this as the coolest problem I could work on where I thought I could make a significant contribution. Plus I like working for a company whose head is the most reasonable person I know. :-) <br />Cheers.