TommyGun <br /><br />DVDs:<br />- Genesis, Six Hours Live 1972-1980 2-DVD set<br />- Genesis, The Lamb Comes Alive 1975! 2DVD set <br />- Genesis, The Lamb Live at the Shrine 1975 3-disc 2CD/DVD set<br /><br />- Pink Floyd, Live at Oakland 1977 3-disc 2CD/DVD set <br />- Pink Floyd, The Wall Live at Earl's Court 1980 DVD<br /><br />- Yes, A Celebration 1969-1979 2DVD set<br /><br />- Yes, 1976-1977 2DVD set <br />(Live in Glasgow 1977/Going For The One Sessions 1976)<br /><br />- Supertramp, A Rediscovery 1969-1979 2DVD set<br /><br />- Jethro Tull, The Minstrel Looks Back 1969-1977 2DVD set<br /><br />- Styx Live and In Concert 1976-1978 2DVD set <br /><br />- An Evening With Queen 1974-1976 2-DVD set <br />- Queen Live at Earl's Court 1977 DVD<br />- Queen Live in Houston 1977 DVD w/remastered audio <br /><br />2CD sets:<br />- Genesis, Live in Montreal 1974 2CD set <br />- Genesis, Live at the Syria Mosque 1976 2CD set <br />- Genesis, Live in Zurich 1977 2CD set <br />- Genesis, Live at the Lyceum in London 1980 2CD set <br />- Genesis Reunion live at Milton Keynes Bowl 1982 - Six of the Best 2CD set<br />- Queen, In The Beginning 1971-1973 2CD set<br />- Steely Dan, Live at the Rainbow 1974 2CD set