<br />I am a United States Senator from Iowa, currently serving my fourth term. During my time in the Senate, I have earned a reputation for giving a voice to those too often overlooked in Washington: working families, women, people with disabilities, children, students, seniors, family farmers, and small business owners. Recently, I have been at the forefront of defending our fundamental human rights and I have been a leading sponsor of legislation to bring our brave service men and women home from the war in Iraq. <br /><br />Prior to being elected to Senate, I served for 10 years as a Congressman from Iowa’s Fifth Congressional District where I used my background as a former congressional staffer, Navy pilot, and attorney with the Polk County Legal aid to find fair and responsible solutions to problems facing Iowa and our country. <br /><br />One of my proudest moments came in 1990 when legislation I wrote and introduced to give comprehensive civil rights to people with disabilities was signed into law and became known as the Americans with Disabilities Act. This issue was particularly important and personal to me because my brother Frank was deaf since childhood and I saw firsthand the challenges that face Americans with disabilities everyday. <br /><br />I also currently serve as the Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee and the Senate Appropriations Sub-Committee on Health Care and Education where I work to bring innovative solutions and increased funding to family farmers, health care, medical research, and education. <br />