This channel is dedicated to fan video creations made purely for entertainment purposes. <br /><br />Like any other fanatic I 2 hav chosen to start making these videos because I just L0V3 THIS SERIES! so much (big influence on me) that I just had to express this feeling and emotion and share with all the fans! <br />Feel free to subscribe or whatever if you like and I will get started on my next video... and don't forget to leave a comment! =D <br /><br />About Me: If you haven't seen the series yet, but are thinking of watching it I recommend you read the first book in the Sword of Truth series called Wizard's First Rule By Terry Goodkind. <br /><br />Really easy read and I found it really rewarding when they announced soon after that there was gonna be a series made for it! It is just as good as the series IMO! <br /><br />Or you could skip the book all together and watch the series for all I know there is a season 2 coming out very soon! <br /><br />Country:Australia <br /><br />Hobbies:Drama TV! (TVB, Kdrama, Jdorama, Taiwanese Drama, CDrama) <br /><br />Movies:All the Hayao Miyazaki works of art! <br /><br />Music:ANYthing! from country, pop rock to RnB and alternative... and the classics in between! <br /><br />Books:Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind.