DIVISION OF TIME EP now available <br /><br />The DIVISION OF TIME EP is a kind of mystical modern trip about these strange feelings we have sometimes. Don't you have ever felt that everything was linked ? It's a kind of crazy thought, certainly, but what if it was true ? Beyond time and space, the couple of psychologists ask some questions about today's Reality. Everyone can feel it, now, it's like "in the air" : Times are changing, for all of us. The end of an era, the beginning of a new one. And if our minds were now able to change the world ? It would be Revolution. It would be like a true spiritual Revolution, what we probably have been waiting for so long. <br />With DIVISION OF TIME, Terminus gives five songs to us. This EP is like a picture from their universe, colored by acoustic sounds, antique Harmoniums and analog synths. The two scientists of the mind are forever on the Road, traveling beyond dimensions, with Carl Gustav Jung and Albert Einstein on the back seat. <br /><br />Plus d'infos :