Thermal MD – We Ask Your Body. Remarkably, it Answers. For lifelong wellness, ask your body . Your body knows what it is going to do. Is it going to live a long and healthy life, serving you well to a ripe old age? It knows. Is it going to develop a medical condition that may prevent you from seeing your grandchildren? It knows. Fact is, at the minute cellular level, your body is planning your future. Thermal Imaging is preventive medicine . The images are transmitted electronically to physicians to interpret thermographic scans. Advanced software allows doctors to identify temperature differentials, note potential problem areas and offer suggestions for additional study. <br />Street Address: 530 Lomas Santa Fe Drive <br />City: Solana Beach State: CA <br />Zipcode: 92075 <br />Contact Person : Dr. Jeanne Stryker <br />Phone: 858.232.0924