My name , The Lost Star, is a tribute to all the rough diamonds in the sky <br /> You may be lost but you are still a star <br /> A divine spark on the verge of shining to the fullness of your potential, which is unlimited. <br /> Being lost leads and entices you into the ultimate adventure of Self discovery <br /> Being lost takes you to places off the map ; magical waysides <br /> And, finding the way never ends because no destination is final <br /> There is always more beyond. <br /><br /> DESIRE is The Lost Star's magic wand <br /> Your desire is like a prayer <br /> It is sacred. Trust it. <br /><br /> Being lost has led me into countless adventures <br /> Precarious and also serendipitous <br /> Beautiful encounters and places <br /> As well as endless labyrinths of seeking solutions and new values <br /> Romance..... <br /><br /> Now I want to share my universe with you through these songs <br /> Which are but facets of myself...... <br /><br /> LOVE, <br /> The Lost Star