The End Records

The End Records started as a small underground Heavy Metal record label in 1998. Then, as today, the concentration was on releasing quality music by the more artistic and talented acts in the genre. Utmost priority was always the music. A lot of hard work went into working closely with the artists, as well as helping the releases obtain the strongest promotion and most extensive distribution possible. The scope of the label has now grown, extending into ambient, rock and other styles, but always staying within the dark realms of music. Our approach to music is the same as our perception of life in general, i.e. dark and intriguing... <br /><br />The company has continually expanded and is now divided into various departments: <br /><br />- The End Records label (the core of the company) <br />- Infinite Vinyl Series (specializing in limited manufacture of collectible and high-quality vinyl pressings) <br />- Unruly Sounds (fundamentally uncompromising and underground releases) <br />- Distributed labels for North America (exclusive distribution for a variety of labels of high-quality output) <br />- The Omega Mail-Order (specializing in retail and wholesale distribution of hundreds of labels worldwide)