The Sleep Council

The Sleep Council is a generic body that aims to raise awareness of the importance of a good night's sleep to health and wellbeing, provide helpful advice and tips on how to improve sleep quality and provide helpful advice on how to choose the right bed for optimum sleeping comfort. <br /><br />Sleep - or lack of it - is one of the most common 21st century health complaints. Only 1 in 10 of us say we always sleep well; 1 in 5 suffer from lack of sleep; and two thirds say we get less sleep now than we did a few years ago - around 90 minutes less, according to one leading American sleep expert. <br /><br />There are many different views as to how much sleep we need - eight hours is often quoted, but some of us need less; and some more. The simplest answer is enough sleep to feel refreshed in the morning and stay awake and alert throughout the day. <br /><br />If lack of sleep is a problem - what should you do about it? Do you realise that often the solution lies in our own hands and simply requires some simple changes to our sleep environment and lifestyles - probably even less arduous than going on a diet to lose weight, although, like a diet, it might take a few weeks to get into the habit of new habits. <br /><br />Our mission is to promote a good night's sleep and the benefits this brings! We provide help, advice and tips on matters relating to this. <br /><br />Please visit our website for full details!