RICKY STAR <br />Take the unexpected, and occasionally, the unthinkable. Now make it all accessible, refreshingly original, and downright hilarious, and you begin to have a small glimpse into the stand-up comedy of Ricky Star. Rarely taking things at face value, even the most ordinary topics are spun into new directions that only his creatively warped mind could envision. Ricky always keeps audiences on their toes by being about as predictable as a car thief whose options are running out. <br />He is the comedic wheelman, taking audiences on a conceptual joyride fueled by an overactive imagination. Along the way, they find humor on every corner, and taboos thrown into the ditch like a drifter with no money for gas. <br /><br />ABOUT THE SHOW: <br />The Ricky Star Show is an American Comedy Sketch show starring Comedian Ricky Star. <br />A typical episode would begin with Ricky doing random situation sketches or Characters like Leroy Punt The Economical Crisis Survival Kit Business Consultant,Rambro a Hired mercenary who attacks his political targets by throwing shoes at them and other funny characters makes this show the one to watch! <br />The theme song of the show was created and performed by Slick Rick the Ruler. And edited by rapper Felony. <br />The Ricky Star Show is the funniest Sketch Comedy show around. If you haven't seen it you don't know what your missing!