Four piece, Indie Rock band from Brighton (UK). <br /><br />Late 2009, on a badly chosen short cut. Sat a broken down tour bus in the dead of night. A few miles from the border of the Czech Republic drinking something that tasted like petrol the first 'Recovery Position' tunes were conceived. <br /><br />Playing songs to keep warm in sub zero temperatures whilst German rescue services searched for the snow laden bus. Many tunes were written, including 'Island Red' and 'Pulling Teeth' forging the template for an album that had to be recorded. <br /><br />After months of touring and living out of a van in the EU, singer Reid returned home to England. It was time to unpack the bags and service the burn to put down the album. <br /><br />Soon to be joined by Drummer Simmans and Keys player Miles in their home town Brighton the band came together in Dec 2009. Immediately taking the new songs out on a UK mini tour, the tunes just fell into place. It just made sense to go straight from the road to album pre production for the 2011 release. <br /><br />Already touted as “Indie / Folk Hurricanes” for their live work, 'The Recovery Position' are now to debut their studio album ‘The Recovery Position’ acoustically at the London City Showcase, The Great Escape & Brighton Live. <br /><br />The story will unfold from there. To contact the band - email: mgmt (@)