This is the channel of OfficialGATG from Youtube.<br /><br />This channel is up for videos that can't make it onto Youtube due to it either having a video flagged down, might get blocked in a different country, taking a safety precaution just in case something happens to a video, and so on.<br /><br />This is your stop for entertaining as well as informative videos talking about the viewpoints on the individuals in these videos. Topics discussed in these videos range from music, religion, politics, news stories, and anything else we feel like doing whether in commentary form, skit form, or anything in between. We hope you all enjoy the videos and be sure to like, comment, favorite, and share these videos and subscribe for more content :)<br /><br />- Guitarist and the Ghoul - Videos with Stoutmeister and Scream (or any future ghoul).<br />- Guitarist and the Guest - Videos with Stoutmeister and any guest or guests on the show.<br />- Goodies at the Guitarist's - Solo vlogs of Stoutmeister.<br />- Guitarist and the Girlfriend (Self explanatory)