Casey Logsdon

Yeah... Youtube doesn't like me, so I'm giving this a shot but please check out TheNewGuineaSinger on Youtube anyway! Don't bother me with spam mail saying hey add me or anything like that cuz i accept any friend request and i dont subscribe--or whatever you do on here--to people who mail me that kinda stuff... I'll mainly b posting hetalia and anime couples videos but on occasion i make some thing else... i do take requests for videos tho but wont make the vid if; 1. I don't know the anime(unlikely) 2. I hate the anime(sorry elfin lied fans but I couldnt even get through the first episode...) and 3. If i hate the couple for thos kinda requests(i.e. narusaku, ash x may. hungary x prussia) ps I do adore yaoi and yuri so i do make vids like thos.