Martin Brink

The Migraine Revolution is a global, grassroots initiative to raise awareness for and to spread scientific knowledge about migraine as a complex disorder of body, mind and brain.<br /><br />Why does the world need The Migraine Revolution?<br /><br />Suffering from migraine is an occasional nuisance for some and a frequent/constant tyranny for others. The overall impact and burden of migraine on society is enormous, the economic damage alone is calculated in billions of dollars.<br /><br />The current treatment regime is dominated by medication to suppress attack symptoms. In order to keep their paying customers dependent on drugs, the regime’s propaganda portrays migraine as “a kind of headache”: as a symptom without an underlying disorder! That is a bizarre, yet very clever concept to suppress defiant ideas of therapy and rehabilitation, of tackling the glitches in body, mind and brain which lead to the attacks. The Migraine Revolution is the uprising of helpful scientific knowledge and successful clinical experience against the oppressive terror of misinformation by the current regime.<br /><br />What are the goals of The Migraine Revolution?<br /><br />The main goal of The Migraine Revolution is to end the migraine tyranny by providing all migraineurs with the knowledge and support to pursue a successful rehabilitation of their individual condition, thereby leading to relative or absolute cessation of attacks.<br /><br />How can I support The Migraine Revolution? (I don’t have much time though.)<br /><br />We’re politely asking for two types of support:<br /><br />1. Like and follow us everywhere: Suscribe to our information channels on our website, on video sharing sites and on social media platforms to stay in touch and receive notifications and updates.<br /><br />2. Share the message of The Migraine Revolution with your friends, foes and family, as well as colleagues, contacts and acquaintances; for example via social media, telephone, letters, smoke signs, pigeon post, morse code or Chinese whisper. Or in short:<br /><br />Join the Migraine Revolution!