GOSSIP has been a band for 10 years. We have just finished our fourth long player. We called it 'Music for Men'. Rick Rubin stroked his beard and smiled while we played drums. We were in Malibu for quite a while. We couldn't find any donuts there. We camped out in Bob Dylans old tour bus and wondered why we don't like Bob Dylan that much, actually. We hope you hear you hear our new record and decide to start a band. Get a job, save up and buy a guitar or drum machine, start a band and practice in yr basement/garage. Start yr own cassette tape label and put out yr friends tapes. We grew down in Arkansas, now we live in Doom Town (a.k.a. Portland). It storms there sometimes and unlike Malibu it is a great town for donuts. Perfection is not real. That is all.