Nate Staggs (The Getaway) The combination of Phillip Dunn's vocals, Alex Wheatley on guitar, and Nate Staggs on drums creates a sound that is as exciting as it is unique. The Getaway is in the midst of their first full-length album launch.<br /><br />Poised for their second release entitled Set The Night On Fire, The Getaway will be setting the Midwest on fire first in support of their new album as they prepare for their upcoming tour. Already snagging a spot in Alternative Press Magazine as the “Unsigned Artist of the Month” for June, they are garnering a lot of attention for their highly anticipated sophomore release due out June 19th.<br /><br />Teamed again with nationally renowned producer Mike Brown of Lava Room Recordings, who has worked with the likes of Paramore, Switchfoot, and Velvet Revolver to name a few, they’ve constructed an album that’s infused with rock and littered with pop hooks. Phil Dunn’s vocals are both soaring and sincere, ranging from the seductive “Test Our Bodies” to the heartfelt ballad “Come Back To Me.” With a dance feel rhythm section and the band’s staple piano riffs, The Getaway have set themselves apart from the masses and are ready for the national spotlight. <br /><br />The band’s first release in 2011, Everyone Wants Fame The EP, was met with great reviews and has given them a notable launching point for their ensuing album. With anthems like “Walk Away” and “The Wolf,” they’ve been steadily building a solid fan base while writing for the new record. Along the way, they’ve been sure to keep things creative by shooting a music video entirely through the use of the video chat program, Skype, and giving their fans unique looks into the band’s creative process and their daily lives. With their new video for “Set The Night On Fire”, the first single and title track from the new record, they’ve teamed with local media monsters Moonbeam Studios to shoot both an intriguing and explosive video.