What is a "FumoPipe" You Ask? <br /><br />A Fumo Pipe is a innovative, computer designed, mechanical steam roller device that allows the user one handed operation, and portability. <br /><br />Why Would I buy a metal pipe? I am used to glass. <br /><br />Good question. Simple Answer. "No Metal Taste Stainless" <br /><br />Typically, pipes available on the market today are made of regular steel, and than chrome plated. If you use this cheap metal, it release what are known as "Off Gases" when heated, which compromises the original overall taste. Thus, the taste of metal. When using passified citrus washed medical grade stainless, you do not have these setbacks. Surgeons use this same medical grade stainless in their operating tools. <br /><br />The main body is made from aerospace quality billet aluminum that is hard anodized. The Bowl, is a medical grade "No Metal Taste Stainless." The Carb is a combination of billet, with a stainless spring mechanism. The O-Rings are a Viton material, which is chemical resistant and long lasting. The tubing is made from Polycarbonate which is unbreakable, and used in bullet proof vests. <br /><br />This pipe embodies the essence of the USA and is 100% USA made, including assembly and design. This is not common practice anymore with outsourcing, and cheap chinese materials. Short Answer? It is an ART piece. <br /><br />What is your warranty? <br /><br />If your pipe breaks, you get a new one. We will replace any damaged component free of charge. We are so sure its the strongest, most reliable pipe on the market, we have no issues offering a full lifetime warranty! <br /><br />Where can I find information about "TheFumoPipe" on the web? <br /><br />Everywhere! We attended kushcon II (largest cannabis convention in the world) and had an amazing turnout! This was the venue for our product launch. Since than, you can find blogs, twitter postings, facebook pages, videos on youtube, and mention of the product in many forums.