The Do It Yourself World

Living in the forest off the grid. After losing my job and then my apartment I was tossed out and moved into my camper in the middle of a blizzard. I decided to leave the rat race behind and live off the grid in the woods. <br /> <br />Since then I moved up into an RV which I remodeled and then a tiny house which I built with my own hands using mostly reclaimed materials. <br /> <br />I barter and trade for materials and items needed on the path to energy independence and self sufficiency. I share my daily life with you, the viewer, to help others follow the path and live a more peaceful life off the grid. <br /> <br />I study and teach the old ways and simple living. I repair my own power equipment and help others when needed. <br /> <br />Follow me on the path to self sufficiency and learn how to get your own home off the grid on a budget. <br /> <br />If I can do it after losing everything - you can too. <br /> <br />Troy <br />The Do It Yourself World <br />& <br />The Off Grid Project