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Welcome to Jackie Wilson Real Estate Investing and Coach System. This system is design to help New Investor gain an overview as well as to learn the how to move a lot smoother in what some see as a complicated maze in the real estate investing business. Whether you are a new or a seasoned Investor you can and should be sucessful in this business with proper training, this system is filled with tips and tools that empower you the Investor. Learn how to remove the risk and make sound concrete investment decision.

Jackie is a creative thinker, innovator, and a highly successful business man. Jackie owned a successful Insurance and finanicial service Practice before moving into the Realestate investing Business. He is passionate about creating wealth and is excited about helping His student do the same as he has making their financial dreams a reality.

This course has 10 down loadable MP3 Modules packed with a wealth of information and resources to get you started on the road to success in Real Estate Investing. It is set up in a systemtic way as to walk you through your first transaction in a very short time. Some of our student do it in as little as 30 Days. The quickest that it has been done is 14 days by a student that knew nothing at all about real estate.He acquried and sold the property within a toal of 28 days.The Modules should be listen in order. 1.Real Estate Business Model 2.Wholesale and Retailing both parts. 3. How to make Wholesale offers. 4. How to Title Property. 5.Owner Financing and Lease Option. 6.Getting Motivated Seller to call you. 7.Question to ask Seller during telephone call. 8.Constructing Owner Financing Offers. Credit Repair: How to get your Tenant Ready to buy the house. Any question you have is sure to be answer in this course or somewhere on our website.

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