David Richardson, MD

Board Certified Ophthalmologist. Eye Doctor (California). Multi-awarded eye doctor/ eye surgeon. A recognized expert in Glaucoma and in the highly specialized Canaloplasty procedure.<br /><br />LEARN MORE: About Dr. David Richardson >> http://david-richardson-md.com<br /><br />Dr. David Richardson is a Southern California board certified ophthalmologist and eye surgeon. specializing in the treatment of Cataract and Glaucoma. Patients looking for an Eye Doctor in California my visit him at his vision centers in Pasadena California and San Marino California. Dr. Richardson has performed thousands of advanced cataract and Canaloplasty procedures with excellent results.<br /><br />Experience & Specialization ||<br /><br />Dr. Richardson joined the San Gabriel Valley Eye Associates in 1999 and became San Gabriel’s first ophthalmologist to use such modern technologies as the accommodating Crystalens (with cataract surgery) and the iTrack microcatheter (canaloplasty glaucoma surgery). Dr. Richardson is among an elite group of glaucoma specialists in the country performing the highly specialized canaloplasty procedure. In fact, patients have traveled half way around the world to have canaloplasty by Dr. Richardson.<br /><br />Dr. Richardson not only performs canaloplasty, he also teaches other surgeons how to do so. As one of the leading canaloplasty surgeons he regularly gives talks at the national meetings of eye surgeons. As part of his quest to make this safer glaucoma surgery available to glaucoma patients throughout the world, he is often asked to fly out to teach individual doctors how best to incorporate canaloplasty into their practices.<br /><br />LEARN MORE: About Canaloplasty and Glaucoma new treatment >> http://new-glaucoma-treatments.com