"THE CYA" an all new sitcom coming to TV, the internet, and smart phones. THE CYA is the wackiest Top Secret agency in the USA. It was established by United States President Harry S. Truman during the Cold War (1950). THE CYA was so top secret, the government forgot it existed! The Cold War ended. The agency became obsolete. It no longer served any purpose and should have been dismantled years ago. But THE CYA is still there today - the lone occupants of ramshackle secret office hidden deep in the 8th floor basement of a windowless, monolithic Washington DC government building. The crew of oddball agents still come to work everyday. Why? They still get paid their handsome secret agent salaries. The government forgot about that too! So they now work hard at preserving their defunct, worthless existence by doing nothing! Not getting noticed. Staying forgotten and invisible. But their cozy little covert world is too often turned upside-down when someone accidentally takes an obscure service elevator to their basement floor, and arrives at their door. Then anything can happen! The mere existence of THE CYA is now the real top secret! <br /><br />Explore the world of THE CYA at <br /><br />Created and produced by Gary Kleinman. Written by Mario Jojola and Gary Kleinman. A StoryArc New Media production.