Jamie Nischan

My name is Jamie Stephen Nischan and yes I am a geek. <br /><br />My social life throughout high school was a constant struggle. I was a skinny pale kid spending most of my days reading comic books, playing video games, and fantasizing alone in my own introverted little world. <br /><br />I had always thought that I would grow up to be a zoologist because animals and biology were another passion of mine. As a young child I had always been fascinated with the way animals were built. Underneath their skin and fur they were all different. Complex machines comprised of bones, muscles, tendons and various levers that allowed them to move in specific and calculated patterns, whether they were hunting or fleeing as the hunted. <br /><br />The fascination with bodies in motion and the obsession with wanting to look like the super heroes of my comics are what pushed me into the field of human performance. I later received an education in Applied Exercise Sciences from Springfield College and also received my certification as a Health and Fitness Instructor under ACSM and the title of Corrective Exercise Specialist from NASM. <br /><br />I currently spend my days scouring the Internet and Library like a mad man obsessed with trying to figure out all there is to know about the dynamics of human movement, how nutrition effects our biochemistry, and why our bodies respond the way they do to certain types of exercise stimulus. <br /><br />I am the buff geek. <br /><br />Jamie Stephen Nischan HFI CES