James Humphrey

My name is James Humphrey and I live in Texas – I don’t sit in a cubicle and for the last 11 years I’ve traveled all over the US, written a book called the “Six Steps to Success: Applying the Law of Attraction“, and have learned the secrets to making money online. <br /><br />I’ve worked for large sales corporations and received huge commission checks along with running few successful businesses of my own. The Law of Attraction and Mind Movies have played a large role in my life allowing me to make money through Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, and Leadership Coaching. <br /><br />I’ve dove the tropical seas, swam with sharks and recovered sunken treasure from shipwrecks. I’ve danced with Paris in Vegas and played craps with Vanilla Ice, Mike Tyson played poker next to me at the Hard Rock Cafe and I’ve even seen the Dali Lama in person. White water rafting in North Carolina to Para-Sailing in Panama, if it has to do with getting a new perspective on life I’m in. <br /><br />I’ve jumped out of an airplane 22 times for a new view on life and my mom was along for the first 8 jumps, she’s so much fun! I’ve done all of this while making money online in my spare time and using the Law of Attraction as my guide. <br /><br />While I’m not the most interesting man in the world…….I’m working on it. : )