Blackdrum Media

The Blackdrum Channel is the first and only television network for the African internet generation. We are partnering with content owners across Africa to produce and syndicate original episodic programs watched by a super-committed and passionate fan base across the world. Our hyper-connected audience gets the vast majority of its entertainment, information and social connections through the Internet and mobile phones. Our content is designed for a new audience: passionate committed fans that want to watch shows that entertain, educate and help expand their life experiences. The audience expects professionally produced programming but wants it to be unexpected, edgy, smart and real. They also want to watch shows whenever they want, wherever they are, and on whatever device they choose, including everything from a 70" HDTV to an iPod or Cell phone. The Blackdrum Channel covers events, comedy, modern culture, technology, music and more. Our content is carefully selected for maximum viewing pleasure. They are engaging, personal, smart and connected.