Some of the dopest sounds coming out of Philadelphia! Those center city kids that go by the name of The Bakery Boys are hitting the game with some of the illest lyrics beating on your eardrums! The team of starts out with Mr. Mark Ryan, a little dude with a voice that flexes on the game like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime! Next up is the sinister Mr. Diabolical with some of the most disrespectful lyrics in the ozone. Up 3rd is the dread head Smokin Aces aka Ace Bangaz, whatever you know him by, with his delivery that grabs you by the earlobes from a mile away! Last, but certainly not least is the youngin TJ Adams. Between his freestyle talents and his written rhymes any track he gets on is steezy…<br />Inspired by good times, skateboard tricks, and loud the Bakery Boys create the smoothest sounds in the hip-hop game. Known for there NO STORE BOUGHT SWAG policy, the Bakery Boys are creating a whole new grove in the world of #Swag! See in the Baked Life the year is 1991, everything vintage! In this world you skate all day, chief all day, rap all day, chill all day, pretty much just let the good times roll on! This music represents friendship, loyalty, faith, and keeping fresh alive! Watch as we do it! #BakeryBoys