The69ersFC is the most famous and best supported indoor 4-a-side football club in the World.<br /><br />Very special thanks to L.M.S - The69ersFC Artistic Director - and her elite outside broadcast team, without whom none of this would have been possible.<br /><br />The69ersFC were, are and always will be :<br /><br />Fuller, Ant, James, Snowy, Plummer,Neilinho, Torres, ShutOutSteve, Grant, Dan.G, Rui,Jags, Kinito, Maxime, Aaron, CleanSheetCrewePac, Radek, Dean, Gaz, Andy Goscote, Batman, Lewis, Gerrard, The Claw, Shabs, Danny.W, Ben.L, Barthez, Dan Frenchy, Jamie.M, Martyn.N, Grey Head (Plummer Sr), The Convict, Dale, Dixon, Adam.S,Olly.G, Shaun.T, Chris.C