Terry Russell

Hello my name is Terry Russell. I live in Brampton, <br />Ontario Canada. <br /> <br />I have been working online full time at home for over 8 <br />years now. <br /> <br />I just recently finished working for CAA as a Roadside <br />Assistance Agent, and for ContractXchange <br />as a Live Meeting Host and a Community Sponsor. <br /> <br />I have also worked in the past for ContractXchange as a <br />Technical Support Person and as a customer service agent <br />for Direct Energy. <br /> <br />I am also am an A+ Certified Computer Technician who has <br />been involved in the computer industry for over 20 years <br />and ran a successful computer service company and worked <br />as a contractor for a national service company servicing <br />all the major bands of computers and peripherals. <br /> <br />I have several years experience in retail sales with a <br />major national consumer electronics company as a salesman, <br />and also had several successful store manager positions <br />with that company. <br /> <br />If you have any questions please click on the support <br />link below and open a support ticket to send me your <br />question and I will answer it as soon as I can. <br /> <br />Thank you! <br /> <br />All the Best! <br /> <br />Terry Russell <br />Reliant Services